New Tournaments Have Begun in Dragons World & in Dragon Lands!

New tournaments with new prizes have begun in both Dragons World and Dragon Lands!

In Dragons World, the 4th return of classic prizes has started – Emerald, Feathery, and Blue Winged Dragon are the prizes available.  Click for link to statistics and pics of the Emerald, Feathery, and Blue Winged Dragons.

T33 start

Click for link to Tournament 33 discussion on the forums.  Special in-forum Guy vs Gals competition taking place!  Tournament started 11/18.
Click for link to Tournament 34 discussion on the forums.  Started 11/25

In Dragon Lands, new armor prizes are available to be won! Battle for your chance to win Armor of Air Lord, Armor of Thunder Lord, or Armor of Storm Lord.  Note that these armor items are also available for purchase in the Forge for the right price!

T33 DL startT33 armor prizes

2x Shield Regeneration!

New to Dragons World and Dragon Lands – 2x Shield Regeneration.  Just in time for Tournament 33, battle shields will regenerate twice as fast for the next 7 days!  Now is your chance to rack up those tournament points for higher prizes!

double shield regeneration 111814

3-Day Sale! Lace Dragon

New 3-day sale spotted in Dragon Lands and Dragons World!  The Lace Dragon is on sale for 3 days only for discounted price.  If you haven’t been lucky enough to breed this dragon yet, now is your chance to buy it at 70% off the regular price!  Click for statistics and pics of the Lace Dragon.

Lace Dragon