New dragon on sale: Pangolin


As you can see in the news, the Pangolin dragon is offered discount for 3 days. With 4 elements and 1 inner-ring element, this is one of the good fighter to have. The interesting part is this dragon is breed-able now (It wasn’t before!).

Pangolin dragon price is now 375 crystals (down from 1,250 crystals)

For more info of this dragon, visit our dragon page –> Pangolin

How to breed it?

Use any 2 hybrid dragons that all their elements together are Nature , Earth , Water , Magic . Try it with your luck!
All the good combos are in this page: How to breed Pangolin?

New dragons: Mossy & Dairy dragon in new quests

diary-quest-buttonTwo new dragons! Complete the tasks in a week and get them as a gift!
Finish the tasks within a week and you’ll receive two new dragons as a reward! Gather the harvest, breed dragons, get essences, and much more! The reward for completing 3 tasks is a Mossy Dragon. For completing all 6, it is the unique Dairy Dragon!

Access the quest

Click on the quest button and find the Dairy dragon icon, you will enter the first quest of the Dairy Quests. (Shown as the left picture)

First quest: Proper nourishment

In this quest you have to “Collect 4 blackberry harvests” and “Collect 4 pumpkin harvests”. Pretty easy! :)

Second quest: Experienced Dragonologist

Your next task is to breed any two dragons and collect 5 Essences of Earth.
Hint: Breed Nature dragon & Earth dragon 4-5 times to have the Grass dragons for this quest and for later to get essences! (This is just recommended, you can use other fast splitting dragons if you’d like to, such as Lava)
Explain: 2-3 Grass dragons is for 5 essences of Earth (depends on your luck), and 2-3 extra Grass dragons (while waiting for the splitting progress in the Magic Lab) will be used for later 5 essences of Nature (next quest). If you’re lucky, it should only take you 2 times splitting for 5 essences of Earth.

Third quest: Dragon friendship

Third task: collect 200,000 gold and 5 Essences of Nature. You’ll receive a Dairy Dragon as a reward.
Hint: Use spared Grass dragons from the previous quest and split them into essences of Nature, it should take you 2-3 times to accumulate 5 essences of Nature.
By the time you complete collecting 200k gold, you should have enough essences of Nature already. You will receive the Mossy Dragon at this point.


Fourth quest: Big and strong

Fourth task: raise a Mossy Dragon to level 10 and collect 8 pumpkin harvests.
Note: This quest will cost your more than a day because hatching time of the Mossy Dragon.

Fifth quest: Love of flowers

The fifth task has to do with breeding. Finish the task and you’ll be another step closer to the Dairy Dragon.

  • Send a Mossy Dragon to the Breeding Cave (regardless the result of the breeding)
  • Breed two Flower Dragons

Hint: Use Fire dragon & Nature dragon for best chance to get Flower dragons. Also keep all outcome dragons (Spring/Tropic) for the final quest.
This step will cost you much time as you have to breed successfully 2 Flower dragons. But don’t worry, any dragon you make in this step will benefit for the final quest!

Final quest: Required Essences

Final task. Get essences at the Magic Lab and the Dairy Dragon will be yours!

  • Get 5 Essences of Fire
  • Get 5 Essences of Nature

Hint: Use your previous Fire&Nature hybrid dragons (Flower, Spring, Tropic) to get essences of Nature and Fire.
On completing this final quest, you will receive the unique Dairy Dragon!


New dragon: Effulgent!

Recently, there is a new dragon updated in the Dragon Lands (Russian version) called Radiant dragon. Today this dragon is released on all platforms (Android, iOS, and Facebook).


As you can see in the news, the dragon name is changed to Effulgent. With 4 elements and 2 inner-ring elements, this is one of the powerful dragons to have. The interesting part is this dragon is breed-able, but only for 7 days during this event. After that, it will be not breed-able.

For more info of this dragon, visit our dragon page –> Effulgent

How to breed it?

Use any dragons that all their elements together are Fire, Air, Magic, Light. Try it with your luck!
All the good combos are in this page: How to breed Effulgent?


Sun dragon + Wind dragon with 10% speed gives a 23h 24m breeding time.
Could it be the Effulgent?