New Tournaments Have Begun!

New tournaments have begun in both Dragons World and Dragon Lands.  Prizes include the Kraken Dragon for 13,500 points, Ruby Dragon for 75,000 points, and Special Armor prizes as show in pic below.  Note that the armor prizes are also available to purchase in the forge in Dragon Lands only at this time.

Flaming Flower tournament

T47 armor prizes

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New Quest for Dolphin Dragon!

There is a new Quest spotted in Dragon Lands today, which means it should be active very soon in Dragons World as well.  For level 6 players and above, complete 3 sets of tasks in one week and receive the Dolphin Dragon as your reward. Click for statistics and pics of the Dolphin Dragon!
UPDATE: Active in Dragons World on 2/20!

Dolphin quest

Dolphin quest part 1

Dolphin quest part 2

Dolphin quest part 3

dolphin store

2X Shield Regeneration!

New to Dragons World and Dragon Lands – 2x Shield Regeneration.  Just in time for Tournament 45, battle shields will regenerate twice as fast for the next 7 days!  Now is your chance to rack up those tournament points for higher prizes!

2x shield charge feb2015