3-Day Sale! Steam, Cave, Lace, Chameleon, & Mirage Dragons!

New 3-day sale spotted in Dragon Lands so it should come to Dragon’s World soon!  Special discounted pricing on the Steam, Cave, Lace, Chameleon, & Mirage Dragons.  If you have been unable to breed these dragons, now is your chance to purchase them at a discounted crystal price.  Click for links to statistics and pics of the Steam, Cave, Lace, Chameleon, & Mirage Dragons. 

Dragon discounts 121814

Dragon discounts 121814 store

New Tournaments Have Begun in Dragon’s World & in Dragon Lands!

New tournaments have begun in both Dragon’s World and Dragon Lands with new prizes to be won!

Dragon’s World Tournament:

Elements for armor are now available as prizes in the tournament.  Return of classic dragon prizes are the Earthquake, Primordial, and Bony Dragon.  Click links for statistics and pics of the Earthquake, Primordial, and Bony Dragon.

Click for link to Tournament 37 discussion on the forums.

T37 DW

Dragon Lands Tournament:

New point level rewards include the Earthquake and the Primordial Dragons.  Top 3 prizes are new sets of armor – also available for purchase in the Forge.

T37 DL Twilight woods tournament

T37 DL prizes

Dragon Armor now available in Dragon’s World!

The long awaited update for Armor has finally arrived in Dragon’s World!   Armor has been available in Dragon Lands for several months, and is now available to build in Dragon’s World by building the new Forge.  Elements are now stored in your “Warehouse” instead of in the Magic Lab, and the spaces available have increased.  Element cost of training has also decreased and a star system has been introduced for the dragons, determining their strength and first strike ability.

Learn much more by visiting the Forums where these changes are discussed in detail.  Visit the Dragon Armor discussion or the Training Center discussion for more details.

Dragon armor


2x Shield Regeneration!

New to Dragons World and Dragon Lands – 2x Shield Regeneration.  Just in time for Tournament 36, battle shields will regenerate twice as fast for the next 7 days!  Now is your chance to rack up those tournament points for higher prizes!

shield recharge december