New Dragon: Wasteland Dragon

Get 3 excellent dragons as a gift! Buy resources and they’re yours. The offer will run for only one week! Hurry and buy:
– a Cart, Chest, or a Bucket of Crystals
– a Carriage, Cart, or a Chest of Food or Gold

Wasteland Dragon Summary
Rarity: Unique Split Time: 26:00:00
Elements: 1st Evolution: 72:00:00
2nd Evolution: 96:00:00
Can Buy: None Hatch Time: 48:00:00
Breed Time: None
Fight: Yes Probability: 0%
Equip Armor: Yes Default Skills

Available from: IAP
Wasteland DragonWasteland Dragon
Wasteland Dragons lead a solitary life and it’s rare to meet them. They can mainly be encountered in the desert where all of the flat land belongs to these majestic creatures alone. Its harmonious solitary existence allows the dragon to gather unprecedented strength. However, they do not spent it in battle, preferring to resolve all conflicts peacefully.

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