3-Day Sale! Lace Dragon

A sale has been spotted in Dragon Lands so it should be available in Dragons World soon!  The Lace Dragon is on sale for 3 days only for discounted price so if you have been unable to breed this dragon, now is the time to buy it!  Click for statistics and pics of the Lace Dragon.

Update: Available in Dragons World on 6/26!

Lace dragon sale 062515


Coming Soon! New Islands, Breeding Cave, & Hatchery!

Announcement from SQ for both Dragon Lands and Dragons World!

Do you want more space for your dragons?

Very soon, you’ll get new islands and another Breeding Cave and Nursery! Make sure you’re well prepared for this event – develop your sanctuary, enter tournaments, get even more unique dragons and be sure to share this news with your friends!

New islands this summer in Dragons World!

new islands